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Understand how to manage recurring payments for maximum profitability.

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Does Managing Recurring Payments Make Your Eyes Glaze Over?

From selecting the right payment stack, setting up the payment and flow correctly (from initial order to your businesses bank account), managing fraud and chargebacks, and even successfully re-presenting failed subscriber renewals, it's no wonder that many subscription executives are overwhelmed with managing recurring payments.

Yet, many subscription businesses are unaware the extent they are leaving money on the table with poor payment set up and recurring payment business processes. Don't be that subscription business!

Poor Payment Management Costs Real Money and Profits!

Even the biggest subscription companies get payments wrong. Unfortunately, even more start-up and growing subscription businesses get recurring payments wrong too.

It doesn't matter how large or small your business is, consumer- or business-focused, or even what type of subscription business you are (SaaS, Streaming, Box, Publishing, Membership or others), effectively managing recurring payments matter.

Small adjustments to how your business manages and tracks recurring payments, from initial order intake through the lifetime of your subscriber, can make a big difference in over all revenue and profitability.

Understand recurring payment best practices and, more importantly, gain the confidence and knowledge to manage your recurring payments effectively.

Smart subscription executives, regardless of their role in a subscription business, make a point to understand how recurring payments work and specifically, how they need to be managed differently than ecommerce payments.

What about you? Do you understand:

  • The unique terms you need to know in the world of recurring payment terminology?
  • What is unique to recurring order capture?
  • The subscription transaction flow and where something could break down in the process?
  • Card declines and how to manage them for initial orders versus renewal orders?
  • Recurring fraud and chargeback management?
  • The costs for payment processing and how to minimize them for each transaction?
  • Payment metrics your business needs to track? 
  • KPIs you need to master to create a payments dashboard?


"How to Power Subscription Payments" Online Master Class

Learn the fundamentals of subscription recurring payments from two leading card-not-present recurring subscription experts.

"How to Power Your Subscription Payments" is taught by Sharon Gross and Brad Smith, both experts in subscription recurring payment, card-not-present (CNP) transactions.  Sharon and Brad will walk you through the the latest best practices, trends, examples and case studies so you can manage your recurring payments effectively to save on costs and recover recurring revenue.

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 You will learn how to save costs and grow revenue through subscription recurring payments best practices, including: 

  • Understanding the unique terms you need to know in the world of recurring payment terminology.
  • Learning order capture, the subscription transaction flow, and examining all the points where something could break down in the process. 
  • Understanding and tracking card declines, plus how to manage them for initial orders versus renewal orders.
  • Mastering fraud and chargeback management from tracking and tools to why they happen.
  • Learning the costs for payment processing and how to minimize them for each transaction.
  • Understanding the payment metrics your business needs to track and the KPIs you need to master to create a payments dashboard.
  • How to leverage real-time ACH payments for reccuring-revenue businesses.


must for all subscription and membership executives to understand!

Payments are not considered a "sexy" topic, that is, until you realize that your subscription business could be saving money and "saving" subscribers through better payment processing operations!

"How to Power Your Payments" is an on-demand 3-hour master class that will help you understand subscription payments, designed specifically for subscription executives to better manage them in your business. Order now for immediate access! 

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Meet The Recurring Card-Not-Present (CNP) Subscription Payments Experts You Will Learn From In This Three Hour Master Class:

 Sharon Gross 
VP, Recurring Services, Optimized Payments

Sharon is a payment consultant and account management professional providing clients with payment advisory services focusing on optimal authorization, KPI and fee analysis, with guidance on partner vendors, regulatory compliance, and market landscape.

 Brad Smith, AAP
Senior Director, Industry Engagement and Advocacy

With more than two decades of payments industry expertise, Brad Smith works to raise awareness of the benefits of ACH as Senior Director, Industry Engagement and Advocacy, at Nacha. His focus includes increasing EFT in the Dental and Medical industry as well as nonprofits and subscriptions.

Brad is an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) who has served on Nacha’s Rules and Operations Committee. He also held a leadership role in the Payments Innovation Alliance and led Nacha’s WEB/TEL workgroup.

Prior to Nacha, Brad helped analyze emerging payment trends and technologies as part of Capital One’s digital strategy team. He earlier served as Chief Technology Officer for EastPay (now ePay Resources).

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  • Understanding of the latest recurring payment strategies and tactics to save money and grow revenue for your subscription business.
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  • PDF Slides from the training presentation.
  • No expiration to your access.
  • Our guarantee you will find value in this content! 


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