Payment Teardown: Unlock Revenue You Didn’t Know You Lost

Every 90 seconds, a payment fails, a subscriber walks away, and your business loses money.


Failed payments are an unseen bleed that's costing you more than just subscribers – it's costing you growth. In an era where every transaction counts, understanding and optimizing your payment process can be the difference between stagnation and skyrocketing profits.

Join us for an exclusive webinar on May 8th, where Vijay Menon, CEO of Butter Payments and former retention strategist for Scribd, Dropbox, and Microsoft, will tear down the common misconceptions about failed payments and churn. With a decade of experience in driving revenue recovery, Vijay will provide you with an analytical deep-dive into your payment systems, demonstrating live how minor oversights lead to significant revenue loss.

Discover the real cost of failed payments and how they're silently draining your potential for growth. This session is not just about identifying problems – it's about providing actionable, proven solutions that companies have used to reclaim lost revenue and add 5-10% ARR growth.


What You Will Learn:

  • Actionable Insights: Learn why payments fail and how to turn these failures into opportunities for retention and growth.
  • Strategic Frameworks: Get equipped with the strategies that have helped top companies recover millions in revenue.
  • Live Walkthrough: Experience a live payment system teardown and understand how to apply these learnings to your business.
  • Exclusive Offer: All registrants and attendees will receive a complimentary Payment Health Analysis to jumpstart your recovery journey.


Who Should Attend? 

This webinar is a must for executives from D2C, Media, CPG, and E-learning sectors—especially those in companies with annual revenues exceeding $100M. If you are a Head of Product, Growth, Ecommerce, Payments, or Finance, or a CEO looking to minimize negative revenue impacts and maximize growth, this session is designed for you.


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Vijay Menon, founder/CEO of Butter Payments - where churn ends.

A decade ago, Microsoft, Dropbox and Scribd were all losing millions a year to subscriptions that were being “accidentally” canceled. Vijay's work shoring up the financial backend helped his previous employers retain millions they otherwise would have lost. In the process of solving this problem, he developed the world’s leading core technology around payment authorization and recovery. On this premise, Menon started Butter Payments.

Butter is a payments platform laser-focused on ensuring that legitimate payments don’t accidentally fail, rescuing the 5% of total subscribers that silently churn every year. This delivers millions of dollars in found revenue every year for our customers and ensures their end-users continue to get the products and services they want.

Vijay is also a TED Speaker and author of A Brown Man in Russia.

Kathy Greenler Sexton, CEO, Subscription Insider

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